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The Mobile Boat Guys | Professional Boat Detailing


The Mobile Boat Guys Professional Yacht Detailing Service has worked relentlessly to develop a system and processes that produces a deep high-quality shine that is swirl-free, without holograms and free of buffer trails. We have become known in the industry as the heavy oxidation removal specialists. Offering seven levels of deck polishing allows you easily select the correct boat detailing package and ensures that you will get the deep flawless glow your boat deserves.

At its core, The Mobile Boat Guys is driven by a passion to deliver exceptional products and we are driven by a simple model: We believe in second chances, livable wages, and safe communities. Coupled with a background in social and human service and having served in the city of Seattle in many different capacities, giving back is at the heart of what we do. After sitting in meetings for months at a time with elected leaders, social workers, and community organizers working on juvenile justice initiatives and discussing the issues that plague our community and not seeing a sense of urgency to solve a lot these problems, I grew frustrated. It’s a quite simple and it doesn’t take earning a PhD to realize that people are less likely to offend or even re-offend if they have decent place to live and a job that pays a livable wage.

Therefore, The Mobile Boat Guys was founded in 2015 as a mechanism to help reduce the number of youth that enter the prison system, introduce them to the wide variety of opportunities in the maritime industry, and to empower youth with marketable skills and professional development.

Additionally, we're looking forward to partnering with others in the industry to form a Boat Detailers Association, that will allow us to implement best practices, stay up to date with the latest technology, training and education, certification, and create industry standards to better serve and meet the needs of the boating community in Seattle and surrounding areas.


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