Small boats with stained bottom require single pass.


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Painting the Bottom of your boat with a high quality anti-fouling paint is one way to ensure that your boat doesn't get blisters on the bottom and to provide lasting protection.


Anti-fouling life depends on how often the vessel actually moves. Stagnant boats collect more foul and will lose more anti-foul protection next time underway. 

Signs of marine growth, 2 Passes of acid


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At The Mobile Boat Guys we make getting your bottom painted hassle free. If you are hauling out, we will arrange your haul-out for you and coordinate everything with the boatyard for you. 

If your boat is on a trailer, No Problem! We can paint the bottom while its still on the trailer.

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Excessive marine growth requiring 3-4 passes of acid.


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Hardened marine growth requiring 5 or more passes of acid.


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If the existing bottom paint is beginning to chip all over the bottom of the boat and looks beyond just a touch a couple of touch ups. It's an indication that it is time to strip the existing paint down to the bare bottom.  


We are skilled at marine growth removal and abatement of the existing paint without causing any structural damage to your boat and damaging the gel-coat underneath the bottom of barrier coat. 

Sanding & grinding required to remove calcified growth.



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Bottom paint prep for bottoms with existing paint.


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Barrier coating/applying a good primer is one way to increase your boats value and more importantly prevent the bottom from blistering. Barrier coat also gives the new anti-fouling paint a clean surface and something to adhere too, whether it's fiberglass or an aluminum boat you must apply a few coats of primer to ensure overall protection. 

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New bottom prep for initial bottom paint application.


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Bottom paint stripping.


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