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Runabouts, trailer boats, and oxidized colored hulls is where we get to show our exceptional boat detailing expertise. We are known as the heavy oxidational removal specialists on the docks, marinas and internet; however, we are also phenomenal on every inch of the boat from the bow to the stern. We enjoy detailing 65ft Navigators, but wakeboard boats and ski-boats is where we get to pull out all of our other fun toys like the vx 5000 steam cleaner for removing mold from vinyl cushions, engine detail and the Mytee Lite 8070 hot water carpet extractor for those tough stains on your carpets.




Whether you are purchasing a new wakeboard boat or preparing to sale your used one the Mobile Boat Guys can assist you with all of your boat detailing needs. We offer annual and semi-annual cleaning services to assist you with keeping your gel-coat surfaces in a healthy condition. We have a proven system that starts with an assessment of the condition of your gel-coat or to asses for the level of oxidation to determine the level of hull-polishing service you will require. Most boats in the northwest, even if detailed on a annual it usually require a Level II Deck Polish and Level II Hull Polishing service. Boats that are kept in a inside storage facility often times don't require heavy compounding and are easier to maintain if you have been on a wax and detail schedule. However, if you have light to medium oxidation on your boat then in most cases it will require our Level III Fast Cut Service

Colored hulls require more attention. If you have a colored boat its industry standard that you will have to wax your boat at least twice a year if you are mooring the boat outside in a slip that is not covered or on a trailer. Some of your more enthusiastic boat owners with black boats wax 3-4 times a year so their hulls never oxidize. Once a colored hull (especial black) oxidizes, it will require wetsanding to remove the oxidation. learn more about processes and product pad combinations.

We understand that determining the level of oxidation can be a difficult and takes a trained eye to accurately assess your boat to determine the appropriate level of care. Please click on the link below to set up an appointment for a consultation. 



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