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One-Step Boat Cleaner Wax

One step cleaner waxes seem like a good idea for a couple reasons. First they claim that with a one-step boat cleaner wax you can remove oxidation, light swirls, water marks, scratches and provide protection. In other words, cleaner wax is a light compound and wax mixture. These products are most effective on boats that have no oxidation are not designed to for cutting or compounding purposes.

When should I use a one-step cleaner wax?

They're good for if you want to save time and money. You don't have to buy a compound and a wax. You will not have to perform a two or three step-process on the gel-coat surfaces of your boat and who wouldn't like to reduce a 10 hour job into 5 hours. If your boat is in great condition, looks new or like new with absolutely no oxidation or any defect then you can use a cleaner wax applied with a orbital vibrator to add extra protection, remove any black steaks, and boot marks with little effort.

Can I use a one-step cleaner wax with a wool pad?

If your boat is in excellent condition, we recommend not using a wool pad on your gel-coat surfaces. Wool pads are for cutting and compounding not for waxing purposes. Wool pads will cause swirl marks, buffer trail and create holograms. Apply cleaner waxes using a random orbital, dual action polisher or a rotary polisher using a foam pad to get the best results.


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