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Updated: Jan 11, 2018

When we're not on the dock servicing the yachts we are privileged to help maintain, we are out in the community trying to make our communities a safe and equitable place, where all children and families can thrive. 

I've been interested in social issues for some time; my educational background is in Social and Human Services. I've served in many capacities in the social field from community

organizing and providing direct services to individuals who were chronically homeless with co-occurring disorders (substance abuse and mental health) in a Intensive Supportive Housing program with Sound Mental Health.

In 2014, I served as a community partner with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals for a King County juvenile justice initiative, Reclaiming Futures, where I had the opportunity of writing the vision narrative for our community in terms of equity for youth and families; specifically youth impacted by drugs and crime.

More recently, we partnered with Jason Clark, King County Juvenile Court Social Justice &

Equity Advocate, for a innovative project called King County Credible Messenger Initiative; a unique program that hires credible messengers--individuals who were formerly incarcerated and involved with gangs, but have successfully transitioned back into the mainstream of society. The King County Credible Messengers have undergone training in group facilitation, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and have learned how to create relevant curriculum so they can effectively impact the lives of the youth they serve.

In addition, The Mobile Boat Guys are looking forward to mobilizing with other small business owners in the community to make impacts in economic growth in south King County to help shape the narrative around equal opportunity in employment in our region. We intend to further the work of creating viable pathways for youth and individuals who have been involved with the justice system by obtaining resources that will allow for a more robust effort towards providing education, training, apprenticeships, professional development and internships; which, in turn will help individuals transition into livable wage employment making our communities healthier, safer and a place where all families thrive.

For more information about King County Credible Messenger Initiative (KCCMI) or how you can support or be involved you can contact them via Facebook KCCMI.

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