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Seattle's Premier

Boat & Yacht Detailing Service

  • Seattle's Premier Mobile Boat & Yacht Detailing Service.

  • The Mobile Boat Guys, Your #1 Source For Shine.

  • Affordable & Competitive Prices.

  • 5 Star Rating Google Reviews.

  • Professional Staff and Excellent Customer Service

  • Licensed and Insured



Boat Washing Programs

The Mobile Boat Guys believes that washing your boat routinely is not only beneficial, but necessary. Our quality products ensure that your boat’s condition is held at a high standard, and our keen attention to every detail means that nothing will ever get missed. Using a non-abrasive washing technique and wax, we will take all the salt and dirt off your boat, without ever stripping any of the original coating away.


Washing your boat regularly not only makes your boat stand out, but it protects your boat and its paint and gel coat from stains, bird droppings, algae and reduces the chance of your boat getting oxidized. It is a great way to save money by avoiding expensive boat restoration.


We provide one-time detailed boat washes as well as monthly/bi-weekly boat washes. Whether you need a one-time wash, or boat detailing on a more regular basis, you can count on us. Washing your boat routinely is the number one way to prevent it from having irreversible damage and keeping it looking good year round.  Many of our customers prefer our Yearly Specialized Boat Detail Plans which include monthly Boat Washes and Two Wash and Wax (e.g., one coat before or around boat season and another at the end of boating season).

  • Washing your boat with a soap that will never strip any paint or gel coating.

  • Scrub your boat’s non-skid and lift up hatches and any storage compartments on board

  • Clean all gutter tracks and thoroughly scrub all hatch edges

  • Wiping down in the flybridge area and cockpit area

  • Washing away dirt, bird droppings, black water marks, and salt spray


We also have additional wash services and apply them as needed or upon specific request.

  • Wash and clean mildew out of canvas along with any dirt that may be present

  • Use a special solution and special microfiber rags to clean and polish plastic windows

  • Wash stubborn water streaks that do not come out easy with just soap and water

  • Polish Metals


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